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Who is eligible to register? Indigenes of Enugu State of Nigeria and their families resident in Switzerland are eligible to register as members of the Enugu State Union of Switzerland (ESUS). Registration is free but, one must complete and submit the online registration form and attend the Union’s meeting to confirm membership.

1. Every member of the union shall pay the sum of CHF 240 as annual dues. Applicable penalties shall apply for non-compliance.

2. It is compulsory for every member to pay all levies and non-free will contributions that the union might impose from time to time, including, but not limited to condolence Levies, contributions for newborn babies, etc.
3. Any member who opts to terminate their membership is obliged to pay all accrued dues and levies. The union reserves the right to recover her money through the appropriate legal authority. Further details on the conditions of membership can be found in the ESUS constitution.

Special Membership:

Special membership in the Union is possible. This is open to Enugu State indigenes, Friends, or well-wishers resident in Switzerland who sympathize with and /or support the aims and objectives of the Union but do not want to become regular Union members. The membership takes effect with the payment of the annual minimum contribution of CHF 100.00

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